Safety Tips For Trampolines

June 05, 2021

Safety Tips For Trampolines - Skyline Trampolines

Safety Tips 

Rebounding on a trampoline has been a source of pleasure and fulfillment for both kids and adults.

Unfortunately, there poses the danger of potential injury particularly to the children.
So you must be wondering how your kids can still enjoy themselves and be safe when using the trampoline.

• Don't put in the trampoline near trees, poles or fences which a child may hit in case of a harsh play:

While installing the trampoline, then ensure that you have a safety perimeter of at least three or more around your trampoline and it's away from trees, walls fences poles.

When kids jump too high and fall off the trampoline, the presence of fences, trees, garden furniture, poles, walls etc… may increase the severity of the injuries.

By installing your trampoline away from these structures you'll be doing your kids a favor by making the environment safer for them to have fun.

  • Check if all the springs are in position and the bolts well tightened before the trampoline is used:
    The trampoline springs together with the mat combine to produce the proper tension to allow you
    to bounce when you jump. For your kids to bounce high, the spring should be tight enough.

    Check if all the springs are properly fixed in their position. Spring ought to be intact and securely attached at both ends. Hanging springs can result in unnecessary injuries in case of an accident.

    In case some springs wear out and become stretched or corroded, you need to get a replacement to good quality and fix it appropriately.

    • Install safety pads to cover the steel frame, hooks, and springs:
    Your kids may land on the steel frame, springs or even hooks if they're left uncovered. You should therefore install an adequate safety pad on the trampoline. It should be in good condition and appropriately placed.

    So, when purchasing for trampolines, just chose models with safety pads to cover the springs, hooks, and frames. And ensure that the color of the pads contrast with that of the frame and mat.


  • Buy good quality high trampoline safety nets to enclose your trampoline:
    When you go to purchase your trampoline, then consider models with safety nets as part of the design, or buy it at the same time.

    Trampoline safety net is extremely instrumental in preventing your kids from not only hitting hard components such as springs or frame, it will also prevent them from falling off the trampoline and
    stop them from hitting the ground
  • Ensure that your kids do not jump too high so that they don't lose control and jump off the trampoline:
    Children are always more excited to use the trampoline all the time. Unfortunately, they may land wrong if they lose control while jumping.
    To prevent this, always train them to control their jumping at all times and keep it low particularly
    if they're beginners. And when they're tired, they should have a break for some time before going
    to jump again.
  • Always remove all jewelry and any life-threatening sharp objects in the pockets before jumping:
    Children sometimes forget to remove their jewelry before using the trampoline. Jewelry can injure
    them whenever they land in them.
    To prevent such injuries, they should get rid of all their jewelry and anything that's in their pockets before jumping on the trampoline.
  • Discourage your children from performing somersaults on the trampoline:
    This is supposed to be strongly discouraged because of the risk of neck and head injuries, which are
    the most serious injuries associated with the trampoline. Other injuries caused by wrong landing include; fractures or sprains to the wrist, forearm collarbone and elbow.

    Enroll your kids to a local trampolining club to find out new trampolining skills ranging from
    the basics of landing to advanced moves such as somersaults. So until they are well trained and highly skilled, they shouldn't try it on the backyard trampoline.
  • Teach your kids to always use the trampoline ladder while getting into and out of the trampoline:
    Children may even want to jump in and out of the trampoline. Don't allow because this has also resulted in many ending up in the Emergency Rooms with injuries ranging from bruises, broken limbs to head or neck injuries.
    To be on the safe side, they should always use the ladder to climb in the trampoline, and also use it while coming out.




  • Always check to make sure that the surface of the jumping mat doesn't have any moisture or snow your kids use it:
    Wet mat is slippery and the children will probably slip when they use it that way. This may result in wrong landing and unnecessary injuries.

    To avoid this, always make sure that the jumping mat is completely dry before your kids use it.
    During winter season, you may as well pack the trampoline down and keep-in in your house.

    The jumping mat should also not have a hole inside as holes are also dangerous. If the mat is worn out, replace it with a good quality one of the same size.
  • Install the trampoline on a leveled ground to help in proper balancing when using it:
    Children may easily fall and injure themselves if they jump on trampolines which aren't installed
    on a well-leveled ground.

    The most perfect place to install your trampoline is on energy absorbing ground like sand, bark wood chip, grass, and springy lawn or on any other cushioning material.

    Ground safety pads may also be used. All these will help to avoid bad injuries if a child ever falls off
    the trampoline in case of an accident.
  • Never try stunts such as twisting somersaults, multiple somersaults, backflips, and any other acrobatics:
    Children may watch stunts on youtube, movies, during live trampoline competition which involves professionals or on commercial trampolines were they watch other kids do them. When they get back home, they will want to try those moves on their backyard trampoline.

    Since they have no experience in doing such moves, they may land wrongly, which may lead to various injuries that can lead to permanent disability or even death.

Trampolines are great for having fun and even better for fitness, exercise, and workouts.
Unfortunately, falling off the trampoline may lead to life-changing injuries, paralysis and even loss
of life.
Many of these injuries can be avoided. It is therefore very important that you act on these 11 simple tips to make trampoline jumping a safe and enjoyable experience for your children at all times.

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